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A Rough Journey
On the 19/11/1977, the Selangor Lorry Association called a meeting of all transport operators in Malaysia to establish PAN-MALAYSIA LORRY OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION or PMLOA in short. During the early years, State of Johor did not have a really established association for the lorry operators. As such only 4 individual lorry operators from Johor attended the meetings. During the meeting, the 4 lorry operators were advised to form its own state association. But the journey was rough indeed.
On the 25/1/1979, a milestone meeting was held at the Chinese Chamber Association’s conference hall. And at that time, decisions were reached to form an association to manage the interest of all the lorry operators in Johor. Unfortunately, after several years, there was no progress and the plans did not materialise. It was then decided by the lorry operators to join the Johor Forwarders & Transporters Association or in short JFTA which was already well established since 1978.

Since joining the JFTA, major unforeseen problems quickly surfaced which led to unfortunate irreconcilable events. The lorry Operators then decided to resign as members from JFTA. This led to the Lorry Operators to join another association. It was then decided to join the transport and forwarding division under the JB-Chinese Chamber Association or JB-CCA in short. But the joy of becoming the members of this association was also very short lived. In the end, the lorry operators had to resign from JB-CCA as well. At that era of time, due to the weak collaboration between lorry operators in Johor, there was no one association that was capable of protecting the interest of all the lorry operators. All the above turn of events, although unfortunate, can be considered a turning point for the Lorry Operators in Johor.

The Birth and Milestone    
After much struggle for a few years, these struggles marked the change of events for decades to come. 2nd May 1991 marked the birth of our esteemed association in Johor which was run by a few reputable entrepreneurs, wherein the Johor Lorry Operators’ Association was finally formed with fully self-administrating and autonomous committee members.

After a decade of hard work from various committee members for different terms, JLOA created another milestone. On 7th February 2004, JLOA acquired its own shop lot premises to facilitate a centralised administration. The property address at 57-03 Jalan Persiaran Larkin Perdana, Susur Larkin Perdana 1, Taman Larkin Perdana, 80350 Johor Bahru, Johor remains the administrative office till to date. JLOA currently have over 100 members on its list and is growing each and every year.

On 16th November 2010, JLOA officially launch its Internet Website Service. It is also the first of its kind in Peninsula Malaysia among the lorry operators. With the service up and running, we hope to serve all the members better and more efficiently. Its purpose is also to duly inform all its members on JLOA’s on-going activities through the use of fast, reliable and efficient technology platform.
Vision & Objective
JLOA envisages :
To give its members access to a network of people faced with similar challenges within the industry which provides them with a valuable source of information at a practical level.
To provide useful and practical support and information to members through its online system.
To be a strategic partner of the government in sustaining a viable lorry transport industry in the state of Johor in particular and Malaysia in general.
To be affiliated with Pan Malaysia Lorry Owners’ Association.
Objective :
To provide guidance and assistance to its members in overcoming the problems faced by them within the transport industry context.
To properly handle the general welfare and interests of the lorry operators in Johor.
To be an active player in promoting the country’s economic growth and development through our Association.
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